Automated Technology for 5G, IoT and Edge 

Innovative Industrial Telecommunication Solutions

Realtime data processing is possible by using IoT connected with edge computing. Data routing is more efficient when artificial intelligence (AI) connects 5G, Satellites and Cloud based data centers.

Edge Computing

Data processing in real time by using artificial intelligence (AI)

5G Solutions

Communication solutions for industrial applications and border patrol

IoT Systeme

With internet of things it is possible to scale data collection and processing at the point of contact.

Industrial Applications with 5G and IoT

Low latency Realtime processing Lightspeed Decisions

By fosusing on the streamlining of organisational processes it is possible to remove outdated workhabits and cut excessive costs in multinational organisations.

The book highlights strategies and explains how to succeed in an industrial acceleration. Decentralized organisations in the new context leads to an expansion of market reach and growth potential. Thereby competitors are outmanouvered by the unforseen fast development of new market entries.

This book goes beyong outdated concepts of digitalisation 4.0 or lean management. It provides answers to leaders who want and need to reinvent their large entities for future post pandemic times.

Why our customers choose us

  • Greater usability and efficiency with AI
  • Optimized Solutions for dedicated cost reduction
  • Innovation driven in-house development
  • Expertise in Hardware & Software

How Companies become more agile and competitive using Edge Computing

Process Informationen fast using Artificial Intelligence

ACATO GmbH - Innovative Data Communication

How organisations network intelligently

EDGE Processing

React just in time?

When a situation demands an immediate decision, then you need to use Edge Computing for an automated response.

Long range data transmission

In order to transmit information form IoT devices to the cloud faster you need to use hybrid communication technology.

Identify and guard

Collect and analyse data from IoT Systems so that you can respond rapidly to unexpected situations.

Decentralized Maintenance

Keeping a complex infrastructure in shape requires an intelligente management solution.

Satellites are the future

Long distance transmissions take up a long time when you use the traditional landline or seacable. Get your Turbo Booster to speed up your corporate data communication around the globe.

Research with Reliance

Private Universities are migrating their data centers into the new world of data processing. Avoid data loss or theft. Keep Industrial spies out of your network.

Vertical SaaS solutions

Combine industry specific solutions that match your true business needs with less pain and effort.

IaaS Solution Leasing

Introduce complex dezentralised solutions faster by using hybrid financial instruments to reduce the burdon of purchasing technology.

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Reach your goals faster

Reach your goals faster with dynamic strategies and activities. Having a competitive advantage in your market place is critical. Competiton is tougher and costs hurt even more. Strategic management uses different approach in todays world: the dynamic strategy and envisioning of trends even before the competitors notice it is a trend.

Your homeoffice lacks bandwidth

Businesses are working on creating a powerful technology to make it easier for employees to work from home. Unfortunately there is one key bottleneck in the workplace: internet bandwidth. You might have had a conference with a client using zoom, microsoft teams or any other tool. Sometimes you just can’t shre your desktoip or even…

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IoT with Edge Computing

In times of pandemics and economic crisis companies must work towards streamlining their organisational processes.

Administration, Manufacturing and Logistics need to better work hand in hand with the help of AI and 5G.

Avoid becoming an easy target for take overs and disruptive speculative investment hedge fonds (SPAC).

Innovation is a developing journey

Our presentations at the German cetral police (BKA Mobilfunk Fachtagung 2015) , BSI/IHK Cyber Security Days (2015/2018) and FH Aachen (Forensik Workshop, 2016) show how important the need is for specialized expertise in today’s volatile context.