There are many job vacancies in the internet for you to find. Some of you might think, you are too late because most of the big innovative companies are big now. What if you had a chance to actively contribute to a global business as if it was day 1? Isn’t it sometimes boring at big corporations? So many layers of management that tell you your idea is stupid or can’t be done?

Even at ACATO many things have changed since that photo (on the right) was taken. Yes, more gray hear, new equipment, more locations, different challenges and even more innovation. Using the wording “job vacancies” is not really fitting to what we offer. It is maybe a “career”? Not really. It is an exciting opportunity to personally grow as we all grow.

Why we ensure our people are professionally coached?

Every person has at some point of life a difficult situation to handle. It may be in a relationship, or handling a difficult client or a dispute among work mates. Life isn’t ment to be easy? Well, if you do care making things easier for our customers then you also should care to make easier for everybody in our business.

If we want to improve things in our business, we need to first start improving ourselves. There is a limit to what we can personally achive by ourselves. That is why we believe that there is more to just listening to online training, attending courses or reading a book. Coaching helps us all understand ourselves and find ways to impove.

We beleive that every person has visible and hidden talents. Professional coaching helps our leaders and employees not only work on personal improvement items but also on handling difficult situations so that we experience less stress and gain confidence in our ability to succeed in what we are attempting to achieve.

We are a global team with a unique vision

Management and information technology are key elements of any business world wide. This is why our consultants, experts and technicians work on a variety of local and multi-national projects.

We have regional partners in Europe and North America. Together we work as a united team to serve our customer the best possible outcome for their business objectives.

You can become a part of this global team if you have the right mindset, eagerness to learn and further develop your personal skills