The right arguments and valid evidence win in court

Many companies encounter legal disputes where they feel unfairly treated. This may be caused by questionable evidence being permitted in court although the company officers are of the opinion facts are being wrongly depicted. In such situations it is important to correct the courts evaluation of that evidence as leaving it uncontested could cause the judges to presume the information presented to them is 100% true and without any misrepresentations.

Often construed fake claims of misconduct are brought to a court in order to discredit a company’s CEO or major shareholder. This is very typical now a days of speculative investors wanting to force the founders out in order to create havoc in the stock exchange, thereby profiting from a sudden fall in share prices against which they have been betting with their hedge fonds.

This is where our experts come to help clear the fog created by an opposing force willing to create a string of misinformation and fake stories. By examining the evidence with forensic methods our team removes all the noise and gets down to the truth. You might ask why this can change things if the courts own subject matter experts already gave a statement that is bad for your position.

Real life example: 

In several cases a police officer and an appointed (external) forensics expert had given a wrong affidavit on what had happened and supported manipulated digital evidence presented by the prosecutor.

After substancial analysis of the videos and the various material it became apparent that the video had been stuck together by using sequences from a different recording. The affidavit also became a reason to question the time line and the claims brought about by the officers.

After correspondance between the court and our laboratory we convinced the canadian court to expell all the manipulated evidence from the case and also take the manipulated evidence into custody for criminal investigation into who actually created the false evidence and false accusation.

We have worked on evidence releated to court cases in these jurisdictions: Germany, Canada, Turkey, Sweden