Recover data out of damaged devices

It is important to get ones data recovered before a device fails entirely. If a hard drive fell off a shelve then you may expect the drive to have suffered damage to its reading heads. This will cause a head crash or even bent heads once the drive spins up again. You tend to notice a clicking noise. That is when you definately need the help of our data recovery munich services as this is a case for a ISO 100 clean room.

After analysing the drive you send in to our lab we will provide you with an analysis report and a fixed price offer to recover your data. Once the data has been successfully rescued we will let you download the files or deliver the data on a brand new USB drive.

Our laboratory has been part of national and regional TV / Radio broadcasts. The popular german science TV Show “Galileo” was filmed 2x in our laboratory as part of an episode on data recovery.

Our founder has been publishing a german book on data recovery and its industry since 2011. This book was also published in english from 2020 onwards. Several international data recovery experts and their companies are also listed in that book in order to help users find trustable experts and avoid internet scams.