Data center cyber security

Cyber Security protects companies against digital threats and helps understand what allowed attackers to gain access to the network.

Most IT departments have been traditionally naming this field “IT Security” as this was the name when the threats coming from the intenet were not as life threatening as they are today.

When you start recruiting for true Cyber Security experts you will realize that your traditional salary table keeps your candidate from signing a new work contract.

Why are cyber attacks growing in strength?

The current events highlight how badly private and public organisations have prepared for cyber attacks, which are driven by cyber warfare and criminal intent. The rate of disclosed data leaks is destroying the public’s trust in large corporations. This rate of stolen data is going to exponentially increase, as the pandemic became the turbo charger of the digital transition in organisations.

The pandemic made companies realize that remote working lowers office costs and helps reduce CO2 output due to fewer commuters.

At the same time, IT was not capable of scaling remote work infrstructure in a safe way. This opened lots of doors to attackers, scammers and cyber espionage.


There is no 100% protection against cyber attacks or any form of cyber related risks. Even a broken hard drive can be a cyber risk. 

That is where one needs to look at risk management and ways to mitigate risks. Pure reliance on a cyber insurance is the wrong approach. Cyber risks can not be outsourced together with the associated responsibility.

What do you need for cyber security?

First, you need the cyber security experts. Just because a person has some certification or university degree in Information Security Management does not make the person a cyber security expert or professional.

Secondly, you need the equipment capable of capturing, protecting and processing data. Just having a firewall and a switch is not sufficient in today’s threat environment. You need additional equipment to channel the data communications through tunnels that allow you to close entry points when a threat is identified in the network.

Extended Detection & Response

Your third puzzle piece to cyber security, is having a fully operational XDR. This is where large organisations overestimate their resources. Whether you want to have an SOC or XDR or both you need at least 6 cyber security experts. You can not have your CS team at home during the holidays and new year while attackers celebrate a destructive party inside your global IT infrastructure.