You can reach us by phone, email or even chat. Nevertheless, we do respond timely to messages sent to us in German or English.

Please do not send us unrequested marketing material or offers. Furthermore, we request not to send documents / evidence / images via E-Mail! We do not accept compressed attachments (e.g. *.zip, *.rar, *.gz, *.7z) as that is an attachment that violates our company data processing policies.

Should you desire to communicate with us in an encrypted way, then contact us ahead of time as this is only possible for communication with authorities. We do not use P2P message content encryption for non-government activities.

All other industry standard data security policies and technologies (e.g. SSL, TLS, …) will of course be used in any type of communication.

Contact details

Telephone: +49 (0)89 – 54041070

E-Mail: [email protected]