Live Online training

Learning new skills can be quite intimidating, if the subject seems to be acompanied by a lot of content and requires a lot of time. People quite most courses within the 1st month if they feel the energy needed to keep pace is beyong their normal life.

That is why we believe it is necessary to design courses in a way that all our students reach the final objective of the course. A course should be easy to follow and if one does need help, that there is real help.

What is real help? Mentoring is the best way to help someone stuck or uncertain, how to overcome a difficulty. There should not be a reason to be embarrased to ask for help.

How can a Digital Academy help me or my staff?

Live Online training

Our busy lifes do not allow for travelling abroad or even within our home town. Traffic is becoming not only an unpleasant cost but also a (health) risk for an organisation.

This where it is much easier to attend a digital academy course instead of having to leave the office for days and returning exhausted. Old trying methods also put unwanted preasure on a learners private situation.

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Why will you enjoy these courses?

The courses happen online inside our own learn management system. Some courses happen in Englisch, German, Turkish or other language.

Nevertheless, we have made an effort to make the learn environment more enjoyable. Endless video meeting are exhausting and not very enjoyable.


Our discussion groups allow you to ask questions and go deeper into the subject with your tutor and other participants. Do not confuse these groups with social media platforms like facebook or discord. 

You are actively participating and talking. No endless message feeds that only lead to a terrible frustration and confusion.

Corporates use our Trainings

Several of our corporate clients enjoy the easiness of letting their staff participate on our regular cohorts.

Corporate packages provide flexibility and allows for global attendance. 


Multinational corporations prefer our courses as our trainings are presented by leading experts (e.g. Certified ExpertsUniversity Professors, Market leaders, Auditors & advisors)